Future Plans for the Site

Depending on those who have so far expressed an interest in collaborating on the site, Palinurus will in the future grow into a general-purpose platform for making both academics and the public aware of what is at stake in the adaptation of higher education to the global "new economy."  


There will be a curricular component designed to link together students and instructors who are thinking about the changing role of higher education in contemporary society. Beginning with a registry of academic courses around the world that reflect on this issue in whole or part, the curricular component will evolve more ambitious interactive features (e.g., online forums in which students taking courses in "general education" or "introduction to a major" can converse with students in similar courses elsewhere, make use of the site bibliography and discussion topics for assignments, and post writings to the site).
Also planned is a calendar of selected business, government, and academic events that bear on the site's interrelated issues. This will serve as a means of highlighting the broad front of global, regional, national, local, and institutional activity on which the contest for the soul of "knowledge society" is now being fought. Events will include conferences, working groups, task forces, economic or educational initiatives, etc.
Calendar of Events

Reaching Out

Once the site has grown to a certain point, it will then solicit contributions (articles, questions, challenges, interviews, virtual classroom "visits," virtual "debates") from a variety of influential figures in business, government, university administration, and academic scholarship.
If you have suggestions for future features of this site, or if you would like to collaborate by authoring pages, assuming responsibility for one of the above-mentioned features, or setting up part of the site on your institution's or organization's server, please write.
Help Needed

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