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This is a topically-organized bibliography of print and online works intended to encourage reading across the boundary between business and higher education. The bibliography surveys works on contemporary education, business, and information technology (separately and in interaction). And it also provides resources that enable historical understanding of the present state of things. Included is a mix of descriptive, proselytizing, critical, and theoretical works from both the academic and business viewpoints. Also included are selected works of art that engage powerfully with the ideas of business, the university, or information technology.  
  Discussion Topics and a Gallery of Quotes suggest ways to use the bibliography. There is a Discussion Board for responses and other commentary.
Since Palinurus is under early construction, there are bound to be omissions both major and minor. Users of this site are invited to contribute suggestions through these interactive forms.  
  (Note: citations for online resources in this bibliography include where possible the institutional affiliation of the text author and/or Web-page author to give users some sense of the authority or special knowledge undergirding a work (a task of initial evaluation that the print medium normally entrusts to the screening process necessary for publication). However, the bibliography does not provide secondary information about authors (e.g., rank, department, etc.)

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